Idioms for Motivation

I’m [1] champing at the bit to get started on the new project. Don’t tell me to [2]dial it down. This time I’m going to [3]go the extra mile and [4]blow them away.  Yes, I’m really [5]raring to go.  I’m going to [6]eat, sleep and breathe this new product until we [7]hit the jackpot. I’m going to [8]put my heart and soul into ituntil we make a [9]roaring trade. We’ll be [10]riding high, where [11]no one can touch us.  Are you with me?

Yes, [12]With bells on! It sounds like [13]seventh heaven.

Match the idioms with the definitions

a) To be very successful as a shop or business

b) certainly (an enthusiastic agreement)

c) to lessen the amount, or degree, of something

d) to be restless and impatient to start doing something (i)

e) to be restless and impatient to start doing something (ii)

f) Have great success (especially to suddenly get a large sum of money)

g) impress (someone) greatly

h) To do something with the greatest possible energy, enthusiasm, and determination.

i) To be extremely invested in something because it is of great interest to you.

j) To be very happy

k) Make an extra effort to achieve something

l) No one is as good as we are

m) To be successful


1d, 2c, 3k, 4g, 5e, 6i, 7f, 8h, 9a, 10m, 11l, 12b, 13j

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