Hi, I’m Sally an English coach from England but living and teaching in Germany and Switzerland for over twenty years. I help German-speaking professionals improve their English pronunciation and speaking skills, giving them the tools to communicate clearly and naturally.

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Learn to speak English naturally

I can help you to mimic the melody and rhythm of the English language, leading to accent reduction.

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Learn to make English sounds correctly

I can show you how to pronounce the individual sounds of English reducing the risk of misunderstandings and improving communication in English.

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Learn to speak English confidently at work

I can help you to improve your professional English by offering presentation coaching and English for meetings and discussions.

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What my Students say

What my Students say

Sally is a very enthusiastic teacher with a good sense of humor. She is always very well prepared and responds to my own needs.
I would definitely recommend Sally as English teacher.


“Heute habe ich zum zweiten Mal auf englisch eine keynote gehalten. Ich hatte eine zünftige Angst vor dem Auftritt. ABER dank dem positiven, witzigen und sorgfältigen Coaching von Sally Welti konnte ich eine negative Erfahrung mit einer positiven überschreiben.”


The lessons are customized to my requirements. I participated in setting the goals and learning methods. Sally is patient and humorous so the lessons are relaxed but very educational. She uses an online program for learning cards that I find helpful. During the last six lessons I learned more than I hoped at the beginning. I will definitely continue improving my English know-how with Sally.


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